Swim Like A Dolphin

Revolutionary, One-of-a-kind Diving Water-Toy

About The Board

The NautBoard is a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind diving water-toy. It was designed to offer the adventure of swimming-like-a-dolphin without effort. The Nautboard allows up-and-down movements, from surface level up to 7, even more, meters deep. gal1

The NautBoard is

  •  Polypropylene made, durable & light-weight
  •  Flexible and unbreakable, UV resistant
  •  Inexpensive, requires no maintenance
  •  It floats when let go by the swimmer
  •  Comes in a variety of colors
  •  Covered by 5-year warranty

 The Diving Adventure

The speed needed for towing by a watercraft (any watercraft) is between 2-5 knots. Towing is done with a 10-30 meters rope. The faster the speed, the more extreme the diving adventure becomes. As long as you go on slow speed, you can enjoy the unique pleasure, but when you go faster – the effect of the NautBoard becomes more and more extreme, so you are be able to dive and do acrobatic performance never dreamed of . Moreover, you can dive and adjust the depth as you wish, due to the unique design of the NautBoard. You can buy the Nautboard directly from us (Aquanaut International), or via eBay, or via one of our worldwide distributors. New distributors are welcome to Contact Us.

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