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Swimming with the dolphins at the Dolphin Reef, Red Sea

Located on the shores of the Red Sea, this reef area gives visitors a chance to observe and swim with a group of bottlenose dolphins in their natural habitat. We used our Nautboard at the Dolphin Reef and the dolphins were having a great time with us.

Swimming with dolphins creates an effect that gives joy and peace of mind, strengthen the immune system, improves awareness, attention and self-control, and develops feelings of compassion and self-confidence. As the interest and curiosity for the outside world expands, the capacity to benefit from inter-personal relations improves radically. Consequently, persons suffering from ergotherapy, logopedy or physiotherapy, will benefit from the healing effect the Nautboard exercising provides, helping overcome the problem much faster and more thoroughly.

Save our reef

The reef  Geologists define reefs and related terms (for example, bioherm, biostrome, carbonate mound) using the factors of depositional relief, internal structure, and biotic composition. There is no consensus on one universally applicable definition. A useful definition distinguishes reefs from mounds as follows. Both are considered to be varieties of organosedimentary buildups: sedimentary features, built by the interaction of organisms and their environment, that have synoptic relief and whose biotic composition differs from that found on and beneath the surrounding sea floor. Reefs are held up by a macroscopic skeletal framework. Coral reefs are an excellent example of this kind. Corals and calcareous algae grow on top of one another and form a three-dimensional framework that is modified in various ways by other organisms and inorganic processes. By contrast, mounds lack a macroscopic skeletal framework. Mounds are built by microorganisms or by organisms that don’t grow a skeletal framework.


Swim like a dolphin

“NAUTING” (gliding) under the surface of the water with three-dimensional freedom. You will become free of the effects of gravity. Come together with us and we will tow you with our boat to a new three-dimensional  experience that you never even dreamed of. You will be able use our board with your own watercraft. Let everybody enjoy with you. Give them the experience which